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        Published: 8 months ago By: LoveAllah328

 By: LoveAllah328  Published: 8 months ago

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THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD!!! Because the previous video of this got some type of copyright claim 2 days ago but Subhan'Allah this is one of the main reasons why we need your help with donation. So we can get our own non-copyright footages to secure our videos and secure the channel itself from getting terminated. Even a small donation as low as $5 will be extremely helpful.

The previous video of this had gained over 40,000+ views in just 6 days, which is more then the average per-week video views in this channel and the views indicates that many people (probably) learned new things, benefited from it, realized the value of AYATUL KURSI and even started to recite it more often. This video could've reached over 100,000 people easily within 4-5 weeks and SubhanAllah imagine the amount of people that could've benefited from it? This is why any type of help would be greatly appreciated so these beneficial videos wont get taken down. Jazak Allah Khair.

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Ayatul Kursi - The Most Powerful Ayah in The Quran [RE-UPLOAD]

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