Invisible Chair Trick Revealed -
        Published: 1 year ago By: d'Art of Science

 By: d'Art of Science  Published: 1 year ago

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Many people have shown how to do the "invisible chair".
Some have shown how MJ did his forward lean that defied gravity.
But THIS, you would have never seen before. I can walk around and yet do BOTH the gravity defying stunts.

YES, this is innovation enabling MAGIC.

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Frequently asked Questions: where can i buy it? and, can you help me make it?
Answer: sorry i cant help on that.. i made it. and i cant make it on order as we have limited resources of people and time and we use it to make new things only.
However, i have shown everything that i made, so that if anyone wants to make it, show it to a metal fabricator and any experienced person can make it. none of the dimensions in my structure matter since all dimensions (even materials and thicknesses) will need to be according to the size and weight of person wearing it

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