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 By: TheGamer  Published: 1 month ago

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While some gamers prefer to play video games simply for the sheer joy of it, other gamers definitely prefer to push themselves to the limits in order to make or break records. From speedruns to playing a game for as long as possible, these gamers like to see how far they can push themselves for the glory of making a new record.

If a gamer is truly skilled at what they do, then it’s a possibility their record will never be beaten. In some cases, however, skill rarely has anything to do with the fact these impossible records and it all comes down to sheer perseverance. In fact, some of these records are so absurd there is no way any other gamer will ever come close to beating them.

Then there are other cases in which these records have nothing to do with actually playing a game. Highest selling video game records and most curse words in a video game have absolutely nothing to do with a single gamer. Instead, these records are due to a collective of gamers who really love a certain game or game developers who let their imaginations run wild. Nevertheless, these impossible video game records are ones for the books and should any gamer attempt to break these records and set new ones, they would have to be very determined individuals or game developers. As of 2017, these are world records which are impossible to beat, but that doesn’t mean no one should try.

Script by: Valerie Meiners

Voice Over by: Justin Freitas

Edited by: Kyle Mirzaian

Longest Minecraft Marathon | 0:36
Most F-Words In A Video Game | 1:49
World's Largest Arcade Machine | 2:58
Longest Mario Kart Marathon | 4:06
Fastest Survival Mode Completion of Battlefront | 5:18
Best Selling Video Game of All Time | 6:24
Most Difficult Super Mario Make Level | 7:45
Largest Real World Location In Minecraft | 8:58
Highest Score in E.T. | 10:13
Longest Halo Marathon | 11:32

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